Manes – Be All End All (2014)


Usually, there are weird releases that completely push the envelope and then you have Manes weird. “Be All End All” delivers nine tracks that mash genres together and crates a truly bizarre, and yet awesome, experience. Having passed seven years since the band’s last full-length release, this album will surely please and puzzle all fans of Tor-Helge Skei (aka Cernunus) and his uniquely odd musical vision.

Opening with the jazzy/trip-hopish “A Deathpact Most Imminent” clearly states that this is going to be one unique musical experience. Asgeir Hatlen’s vocals are one of the band’s signature elements and greatly enhance the experience with his unique pipes having influences of Kjetil Nordhus and Kristoffer Rygg. Experimentation is the main theme behind this release, and by the odd vocals mixed in with the mellow tempo and atmospheric jazziness of “A Safe Place In The Unsafe” you clearly notice how everything comes together in a very bizarre way.

After the familiar “Blanket of Ashes” featured in their compilation “Teeth, Toes and Other Trinkets”, the band keeps their journey into ambient/trip-hop/electronic lands with the hypnotic “Broken Fire”. One of the album’s standout tracks is the Ulver-esque “Free As In Free To Leave” and its circus-like chaotic atmosphere. Reminding us of The Third and the Mortal (a band which Rune Hoemsnes was a member of at some point), “Name The Serpent” brings back memories with its excellent guitar leads and very ritualistic percussions.

As the atmospheric and very melancholic “The Nature And Function of Sacrifice” leads the way to the more or less ‘normal’ loungue-ish “Turn The Streams”, we realize that this release is over and we want to keep playing it over and over to fully discover every single detail hidden in plain sight in every track of this release.

Overall, “Be All End All” is one of those releases that is both odd and very mesmerizing to listen to. We are Metal fans, but we always find the beauty in well-crafted music that outlines the musical journey of a band outside of the confinements of genres and labels. If you are a fan of bands like Ulver (mid period), Green Carnation, In The Woods, etc., you will definitely love this release. If you are already a Manes fan, this will only elevate them higher for you.

Band: Manes Album: Be All End All

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: October 10th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Experimental / Avant-garde

Country: Norway

Rating: 91/100

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