Noctem Cursis – Nocturnal Frost (2014)


Being huge fans of Melodic/Epic Black Metal, we got pretty excited when reading the press kit from Noctem Cursis “Noctural Frost” full length. Delivering nine tracks of crushing Black Metal surrounded by epic melodic passages; this is one intense release that while not overly original, it is quite enjoyable for any fan of bands like Stormlord.

After the typical atmospheric intro, the band explodes with the intense “From Space”, a track led by double-kick intensity and low-key atmospheric keyboards. It is quite enjoyable to hear natural old-school keyboards, rather than overproduced orchestrations. Moving to some serious BM riffing territory, “Scars of the Past” keeps things interesting and brutal. Here we get a certain old-school Catamenia vibe from the vocals and tempo the band presents.

Featuring plenty of catchy sections, “Le Guerrier Noir” is one the most engaging songs in this release thanks to its brilliant melodic passages and killer guitar work. The best headbanging melodic piece comes under the name of “Ov Immobile Energy”, an instant scorcher with a very melancholic vibe. Keeping things fresh, “World to Ashes” and “Secrets of the Elders” both have things here and there that separate them from your run of the mill band.

As the release comes to an end, “Les Rivages de la Mort” is probably the second best song with a hearty balance of intensity and epic vocal arrangements, greatly elevating the atmospheric impact of the song. Overall, “Nocturnal Frost” is one intense release that is very well constructed to never get dull and shake things up a bit. If you are a fan of the more melodic side of Black Metal, this is one release you do not want to miss.

Band: Noctem Cursis Album: Nocturnal Frost

Label: Crépuscule du Soir / Mortis Humanae Productions

Release: 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Epic/Melodic Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 90/100

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