Nucleus Torn – Street Lights Fail (2014)


Experimental/Avant-garde outfit Nucleus Torn returns in 2014 with their mesmerizing “Street Lights Fail”. Hailing from Switzerland, this outfit led by Fredu Schnyder delivers nearly 40 minutes of thought provoking music that pushes the boundaries of anything that could be defined. Mixing heavy distorted guitars with countless other instruments and a very mellow vibe, this is one album that you should listen to if you like bands like Lethe and Manes, you are in for a treat.

Opening with the warm-up desolate piece “-“, we are introduced to a very bleak atmosphere with lush pianos and haunting female vocals. This track suddenly morphs into a jazzy/lounge piece that is quite intoxicating and engaging. As the song bleeds into “Worms”, the distorted guitars quickly set the mood a bit livelier and greatly enhance the jazzy atmosphere that is mixed in between. Anna Murphy’s and Maria D’Alessandro’s vocals are amazing in this release and they sound like the post-Kari years of The Third and the Mortal. This 19 minute piece is pure magic and features just the right amount of experimental and complexity to fully captivate its audience.

Focusing more on atmosphere, “The Promise of Night” very slowly builds up until the lush pianos return. This track is quite dark and beautiful in the sense that is quite minimalistic and feels very relaxed and soothing. Being part of a two album concept piece, this release will be complemented in 2015 by “Neon Lights Eternal”, an album that we are greatly looking forward to. If you like highly atmospheric and mellow music, this is one album that will instantly get to you. The band’s legacy remains intact and keeps pushing the boundaries of music with yet another outstanding release.

Band: Nucleus Torn Album: Street Lights Fail

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: August 19th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Avant-garde / Experimental

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 90/100

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