Autumn’s Dawn – Gone (2014)


Arriving on Eisenwald Tonschmiede, today we have Australian duo Autumn’s Dawn and their debut full-length release “Gone”. Being no strangers to the scene, Sorrow and Anguish are musicians that play in at least 4 bands each, the most famous of them being Tim Yartas of Germ and Austere fame. Anyways, the band presents nine melancholic tracks of pure brilliance that eerily remind us a whole lot of Tim’s previous band Grey Waters.

Opening this release we have the very emotive “The Ashes of a Life”, a track that has a very Rock-ish structure and melancholic clean vocals from Tim Yartas. The very ethereal atmosphere is always present and it is allowed to shine (even more) in some instrumental passages. Don’t you think this release only features clean vocals, we get a treat of Tim’s harsh singing through this release, starting with the epic “Until My Heart Corrodes with Rust”.

The atmospheric levels keep rising with one of our favorite tracks: “Into the Cold”. Here you get some brilliant influences of Germ, Old Silver Key and some Les Discrets and Alcest thrown into the mixture. Other songs are more straight forward like “Grace of the Grave” and its very emotional chorus section. Through the release we notice that the guitars are very well structured and greatly give that heavy-but-not-brutal feeling to the music, allowing the vocals and keyboards to build up the atmospheric side of things.

Keeping things interesting, songs like “When the Sun Sets for the Last Time”, the band changes to a more melancholic and stripped down level with great percussions and weeping guitars leads. Same goes for the tempo changes of the dramatic “Blank Stars, Dead Eyes”. The album has brilliant Post-Black Metal / Doom elements attached to tracks like “Through the Rusted Gates of Time” and the closer “Gone”. This closer song is quite mellow and nicely summarizes the brilliant atmosphere of this whole release.

Keeping things very melancholic and melodic, Autumn’s Dawn is a clear representation of Tim Yarta’s musical style with a few more additions brought by Mr. Anguish. If you like releases by Les Discrets, Alcest, Grey Waters, Old Silver Key and Amesoeurs, you will certainly love “Gone”. The band takes tons of influences and manages to carve their own style of depressive atmospheric music that any fan of this style cannot afford to miss.

Band: Autumn’s Dawn Album: Gone

Label: Eisenwald

Release: August 25th, 2014 / September 3rd. 2014

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Genre: Depresive Rock / Post Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 93/100

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