Kaosophia – The Origins of Extinction (2013)


Delivering 46 minutes of ravishing Black Metal, Ukarine’s Kasophia will blow you away with their brutal debut “The Origins of Extinction”. Filled with oppressive riffs and brutal drums, this release delivers hate-filled onslaught of crushing Black Metal that no fan of the genre will want to miss.

Wasting no time in making their presence heard, “March of the Antichrist’s Soldiers” delivers intense tremolo picking and ghoulish vocals. Being a mixture of Pest and Abbath, the vocals in this release is quite authentic and perfectly fitting for the fury behind the music. The band also specializes in creating decadent atmospheric songs like the chilling “Cotard Delusion” and “Rituale Romanum”, filled with incisive guitars and hypnotic tempos.

The band is far from being one dimensional with interesting tracks like “Dance With The Dead Stars”, a song that features very cool melodic aspects and a slower tempo highly detailing the superb drumming. With crushing tracks like “Delirium Manihaeismum” and “Requiem For Deceased Faith”, Kasophia shows their inner Gorgoroth / Watain spirits.

Closing the release we have another piece with a slower and more relaxed tempo that allows excellent guitar leads and a creepy vibe. Overall, “The Origins of Extinction” is a killer debut for a very promising band. The music is top notch and the tracks have enough creativity in them to make them quite distinguishable from each other… a rare achievement in Black Metal these days.

Band: Kaosophia Album: The Origins of Extinction

Label: Bloodred Distribution

Release: November 9th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Ukraine

Rating: 91/100

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