Deadlock – The Re-Arrival (2014)


Arriving today from LifeForce records, we have Germany’s Deadlock with an excellent compilation/rarities/best of + new songs double CD release. Featuring a wide variety of tracks, this release re-interprets/arranges some of their older classics and presents a few new songs that showcase the exciting evolution of the band’s rich sound. With the second CD being rarities and older tracks, we will focus or review on the first CD that has more interesting material.

The album opens with the Groovy “An Ocean’s Monument”, a new track that shows the band’s further evolution into Groove Metal territories. Sabine’s soaring vocals are great, and John Gahlert’s screams fit nicely with the atmospheric elements of this track. The next set of tracks are re-arrangements or re-recording of older songs: “Code of Honor” with guest vocals from Marcus Bischoff that sounds almost the same as the original version but with harsher vocals, an “Earthlings” version that features new arrangements and we assume vocals, and an improved version of “The Brave / Agony Applause”.

“Virus Jones” is one of our favorite tracks from the band and this version keeps it as awesome as it has ever been. The new song “A New Era” it’s one of the best ones in this release and it showcases the band’s evolution from their “The Arsonist” release. The band’s recently found grooviness is makes them sound amazing and very dynamic, making this new tracks very exciting to listen to. Of the remaining re-recordings/re-arrangements from older tracks, we particularly enjoy the new versions of “Martyr To Science”, “Awakened By Sirens” and “End Begins”.

The first CD of this release closes with another scorcher under the name of “The Arsenic River”. With new tracks like this one, and the excellent re-worked versions of their older sons, this “The Re-Arrival” release is one excellent purchase for any fan of the band. As one of the premiere Modern Extreme Metal bands, Deadlock are constantly evolving and working on their sound and we have to give them props for that. If you like dynamic and engaging Melodic heavy music, this is the release for you.

Band: Deadlock Album: The Re-Arrival

Label: Lifeforce Records

Release: August 15th, 2015

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Modern/Extreme Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 89/100

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