Culls - The Dross Play Vol​.​1 (2013)


Arriving from Italy, today we have a very odd and beautifully disturbing release titled “The Dross Play Vol.1” by Culls. In this five-song release, we get a very interesting mixture of ambient and noise with a few hints of drone elements. While most releases of this genre drag songs along for 10-20 minutes, Culls delivers short and concise assaults that will elevate your conscious levels to new heights.

Opening with the incisive “Scott 1912”, the dissonant noise elements perfectly blend with the trippy atmospherics and the spoken word samples to create a very tense and chaotic feeling. With a very apt title, “Spiral Staircase” delivers a very hypnotic droning dirge that feels like walking on an endless staircase. Quite interesting indeed how Culls, manipulates their elements to create very unique and engaging soundscapes.

As somewhat of a dissonant interlude, “Suspended in Craving” delivers a very minimalist distorted sense of reality and in an odd way tranquility. Our favorite song is the mysterious “James Graham Ballard” and its piercing atmospheric elements.

The release closes with the very typical noise/drone piece “Hold Strong Handle” (with a pretty cool ending) and quite honestly it left us wanting for more. Culls is a very unique project that delivers intense musical pieces that flow very well and nicely fit their song titles. If you like interesting and disturbing music that fits no mold, look no further and check this release out.

Band: Culls Album: The Dross Play Vol​.​1

Label: Self-Released

Release: November 25th, 2013

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Genre: Ambient / Noise / Drone

Country: Italy

Rating: 88/100

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