Manach Seherath - Manach Seherath (2013)


Arriving from Italy, today we have Manach Seherath and their excellent self-titled demo. Featuring three tracks of brilliantly composed Symphonic/Melodic Heavy Metal this release will surely blow you away by the excellent composition skills behind the songs. While the production is not up to par with the quality of the music, the band does a great job in delivering 16 minutes of epic music that will grab your attention in an instant.

Opening with “Arti Manthano”, the band showcases their melodic/symphonic chops instantly with a very well-crafted first impression. The only (and biggest) issue with this demo is the very poor production behind it, the drums sound completely wobbly and greatly take away from the desired effect of the band’s music. The keyboard structures are pretty solid but need some work in terms of the production (and maybe using better equipment), but they are still a vital component of the sound of the band.

Filled with strong lead vocals, “Timeless” is another very solid song in this demo that shows great promise from Manach Seherath. The guitar riffs and shredding near the end make it even better, allowing the band to rely on multiple elements to really captivate their listeners. Closing with the epic “All in All”, we got that vibe bands used to have in the late 90’s when people started introducing keyboards to music and making things standout more. This song has a more dramatic edge to it, making it comparable to a very stripped down of a Rhapsody of Fire song (or any similar act).

As a whole, this demo shows and amazing amount of promise for Manach Seherath. While there are obvious things that need to be fixed like the bad production and the weak keyboards (the sound – not the ideas), the band is just starting so there is time to fix it. If you like Melodic/Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal this is one band you might want to keep an eye out for.

Band: Manach Seherath Album: Manach Seherath

Label: Self-Released

Release: September 6th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 84/100

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