Anneke Van Giersbergen (with Agua de Annique)...Pure Air (2009)


This is not a metal album by any means, and you are probably wondering why are we reviewing it. Well, in our opinion Anneke has been one of the most influential female vocalists in Gothic Metal, since it propelled The Gathering into international stardom, and she has participated in countless projects as well with many well regarded musicians in the Metal community.

That being said, “Pure Air” features Anneke performing several songs from different musical genres, and she is accompanied by her fellow musicians from “Agua de Annique”. The 13 tracks featured in this album clearly showcase Anneke vocal talents in several songs that I would never imagined she would ever sing.

“The Blowers Daughter” and “Ironic” are two songs that threw me off when I saw the track list but they are graciously performed by Anneke. You can also hear “Valley Of The Queens” and “Somewhere” for the people more familiar with her work, but these are unplugged versions.

Overall I was satisfied with this album since it provides us with 13 more tracks of Anneke’s angelic vocals. If you are expecting a Metal album, you should stay away, this is probably more for the hardcore fans of Anneke.

Band: Anneke Van Giersbergen (with Agua de Annique) Album: Pure Air
Label: Jammm/Agua Recordings

Release Date: 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Rock

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 85/100

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