Oblyvion – Oblyvion (2013)


Arriving from Italy, today we have one of the most diverse and exciting self-released albums we have received in the last few months. Oblyvion delivers 13 tracks of very diverse and well executed Melodic/Gothic Death Metal with a great deal of headbanging passages. With a knack for dramatic guitar leads and atmospheric keyboards, this self-titled release is a great one to enjoy.

After the typical intro, the band digs deep into their musical range with the captivating “Oblivion”. In this song we have a very Dark Tranquility-esque chorus section that is complemented by some brilliant shredding acrobatics. This unique blend of skill and melody works wonders for the band’s sound. Perfectly pacing their music, “Buried Angel” keeps the same level of creativity but with a more mellow and melancholic vibe.

Some other tracks feature a more classical approach to things like the direct “Lying Mask” and just when you think you have the band figured out, they bust into a brilliant melodic passage completely changing the direction of the song. This lack of fear of experimentation is what makes Oblyvion’s music so different end enjoyable. A personal favorite of us is the hyper catchy “A Long Embrace”, a melodic Death Metal fan’s dream.

In terms of the execution, everybody at Oblyvion is highly proficient with their instrument delivering compelling guitar riffs and solos, tight drumming, brilliant atmospheric keyboards and a well varied bass guitar line. As the album keeps progressing, the music keeps getting more and more interesting with anthems like “Spectral Forest”, another one of our favorite songs, and the excellent “Wandering Blood” that reminds us of the good times of Moonsorrow.

In terms of diversity, Oblyvion really pushes the boundaries and delivers one of the most unique sounding releases we have received in a while. Never straying too far away from the conventional Melodic/Gothic Death Metal ingredients, this Italian band has managed to carve their own genre and deliver an outstanding performance with this debut full-length album. So go and pick up a copy of this immediately.

Band: Oblyvion Album: Oblyvion

Label: Self-Released

Release: August 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic/Gothic Death Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 92/100

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