Ulver & Sunn O))) – Terrestrials (2014)


Delivering a monumental collaboration between Ulver and Sunn O))), two of the most pioneering bands when it comes to creating their own sound; today we have “Terrestrials”. In this three-song, 35-minute album, the bands merge their styles together creating a very dense an atmospheric performance that is extremely engaging and sonically orgasmic.

Kicking off with the highly atmospheric “Let There Be Light”, we can hear the assortment of Ulver aural experiments work perfectly with some Drone elements of Sunn O))). The track slowly unravels 11 minutes of atmospheric tension filled with very minimalistic elements such as sparse trumpets and a great build up that seems to take momentum as the track progresses.

“Western Horn” feels a bit more structured with a constant dosage of distortion creating a very dense wall of sound. While this release is a lot more ‘mellower’ than your typical Sunn O))) exploration, the band did a great job with fusing their elements with Ulver’s free-flowing music, crafting a unique aural experience on “Terrestrials”. As the release ramps up, the closer “Eternal Return” keeps the album’s tension to an all-time high until it finally climaxes with Rygg’s characteristic vocals and some very cool futuristic synths.

As a whole, “Terrestrials” is one of those complex and multi-layered releases that only bands like Ulver and Sunn O))) are capable of conceiving. The album has so many little details here and there that you will only notice them slowly the more you listen to this release. If you like atmospheric and tense music that features both Ulver’s unrivaled creative sound and the heavy drone incursions of Sunn O))), then you are in for a treat with this one.


Band: Ulver & Sunn O))) Album: Terrestrials

Label: Southern Lord Recordings

Release: February 4th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric / Experimental

Country: Norway / USA

Rating: 90/100

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