Amoprhis - Silver Bride (2009)


I have been a fan of Amorphis since “The Karelian Isthmus” and their fabulous transition into a more mature and fresh sounding Metal. After being a bit disappointed by “Silent Waters”, I picked up this new single that contains 2 versions of the title track “Silver Bride” and a track called “Separated”.   I was pretty satisfied with the quality of the songs presented here and made me be hesitant to the late May release date of the full album.

Amorphis have matured into one of the best bands in Metal. While their transition took me by surprised and I at the time I felt betrayed since I was a huge fan of “Tales Of A Thousand Lakes” and then they just changed to mostly clean vocals a and a different sound. But after a few years I came around and now I fully support and understand the bands musical change.

“Silver Bride” is a pretty catchy song that has features the band at its best creating great melodies and laying a great vocal track on top of them. I found my self wanting more and more after the 3 songs passed by, and kept listening to the single for a few times before writing my review.

This single clearly shows that the wait for “Skyforger” will be greatly rewarded. Since if “Skyforger” contains more songs as good as “Silver Bride” we will have one of the best albums that Amorphis has ever made.

Band: Amorphis Album: Silver Bride
Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Date:April 22, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Progressive Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 90/100

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