Ashes You Leave - Songs Of The Lost (2009)


Seven years!!, yes seven years have passed since “Ashes You Leave” released their last opus called “Fire”. While that album showed the band’s transition into a more Gothic influenced Death Doom Metal, it was still a masterpiece that is always in constant rotation on my Ipod, and checking right now with my Itunes library, it’s the most played album on my device.

“Songs Of The Lost” was an album that was way overdue a few years ago, but several lineup changes and other issues did not allowed this to happen. However, listening to it now, I have to say that I’m glad I waited 7 years, since the album is much more mature than the bands previous albums, but equally amazing.

The band’s sound has not changed much since “Fire” however the female vocals are better than before and the overall song composition is better than in their previous albums. The thing that totally sells this band to me is the perfect usage of violins in the songs. This instruments sound has not changed much since their earlier albums, but why change something that is perfect!.

“Songs Of The Lost” is a Gothic Doom Metal release that does not rely heavily on keyboards or any other traditional elements. The band creates their unique depressive sound with guitars, violins and amazing vocal performances. This album features the right amount of growls to contrast the ethereal female vocals to perfection. Nothing is overdone in this album and it’s very hard to find anything wrong with this release.

I would gladly wait another seven years if needed for a release of this quality. Ashes You Leave has always been in my opinion one of the best bands of the genre, and they don’t fail to deliver another amazing album. If you don’t have “Songs Of The Lost”: yet, you should head out to their website and buy it.

Band: Ashes You Leave Album: Songs Of The Lost
Label: Sleaszy Rider Release: 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Gothic / Doom Metal

Country: Croatia

Rating: 97/100

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