Sahg - Delusions of Grandeur (2014)


Finally arriving to North America through Metal Blade, today we have Sahg and their fourth full-length release “Delusions of Grandeur”. In this brilliant Progressive/Psychedelic Rock/Metal album, we have this Norwegian band delivering over 45-minutes of mellow retro music. Filled with crafty passages and lush vocals, this is one very detailed release that you need to hear more than a few times to fully enjoy it.

The album leads off with the grandeur of “Slip Off the Edge of the Universe”, a track that reminds us of the magic behind acts like Magnum and Spock’s Beard. The guitars are perfectly layered and allowing the vocals to shine through the psychedelic keyboards. As the album progresses we have songs filled with intricate details (“Blizzardborne”) and more direct blistering solos like on “Firechild”. All these elements give Sahg a very authentic retro prog sound.

Setting them apart from the rest, tracks like “Walls of Delusion” featuring heavier guitar structures and a darker tone than your average band, even touching into Post-Metal territories at times. One of our favorite tracks of this release has to be the melancholic “Ether”. Featuring mega catchy riffs and dream-like chorus sections, this is one hell of a song that will not easily be forgotten.

Closing with the 11-minute epic “Sleeper’s Gate to the Galaxy”, the band makes a direct statement for their Progressive Rock/Metal superstardom with this epic track. As a whole, “Delusions of Grandeur” is a killer release that shows the evolution of a very creative band. Perfectly combining traditional Progressive/Psychedelic Rock/Metal elements into their own unique sound, Sahg delivers one of the cleanest and most engaging releases so far in this 2014.

Band: Sahg Album: Delusions of Grandeur

Label: Metal Blade Records / Indie Recordings

Release: February 18th, 2014

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Genre: Psychedelic/Progressive Rock/Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 90/100

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