Fomento – Either Caesars Or Nothing (2008)


When I received this promo, it came with much hype behind their single “Kill Fashioncore” and the band has the whole anti-emo theme. I’m 100% anti-emo and dislike most of the Metalcore relases out there so I thought this would be an interesting album to listen.

Fomento hails from Italy and their music can be described as a mix of Harcore and Death Metal, which by it self is respectable enough. Let me tell you that the guys of Fomento are not just another band of posers; they are the real deal bringing old school music with fresh ideas. “Either Caesars Or Nothing” is a very powerful album from start to end that will blow away many of the shitty bands that Fomento opposes.

The music is very well elaborated with every track containing an excellent drumming foundation that will put other bands to shame. Considering this album is the band’s first release I must say I’m very impressed. On top of the excellent drumming track the guitars provide great riffs, solos and enticing hooks that will entertain almost everybody.

Fomento is here to stay and with catchy songs and interesting lyrics the sky is the limit for this band. In the mean while better get their debut album while it’s still available, and be sure you will be listening about this band in the next few years.

Band: Fomento Album: Either Caesars Or Nothing
Label: Unsigned

Release: May 2008

Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 88/100

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