Kult of Taurus - Divination Labyrinths (2013)


Arriving from Greece, today we have Kult of Taurus and their savage debut full-length release “Divination Labyrinths”. Featuring eight crushing Black Metal tracks, this release is as raw and decadent as humanly possible. This album should become a staple of the filthiest Black Metal that is enhanced with weird atmospheric elements. Said atmospheric weirdness pushes the band’s sound from average to attention demanding in a few seconds.

Immediately after the typical mood-setting intro, “Channeling End” delivers some incisive Black Metal riffs that will stick on your head for days. The sound is quite raw and direct, allowing the band to have that late 90’s feeling to it. Continuing with “The Light That Divides The Earth”, the music is quite crude, just like old-school BM should be. With harsh shrieks, tight drumming, and punishing riffs, Kult of Taurus might not be extremely original but they get the job done.

Things begin to get weird in the relentless “Tree of Gifts Pt. 1 – Void”. The rudimentary atmospheric passages in this track make it quite unique and greatly provide much needed depth to the band’s sound. This atmospheric eeriness bleeds into our favorite “Where No Moon Rises”. We particularly love the raw guitars and drums of old-school Black Metal, and the band perfectly captures this on this release.

With “ΠΤΩΣΗ”, the band reminds us of crazy BM acts like Angst Skvadron but with less experimentation and more on the poisonous BM side. Closing this release, the outro “Tree of Gifts Pt. 2 – Death” provides a nice atmospheric end to an interesting and different Black Metal release. If you like raw and devastating Black Metal with a few weird elements to keep you on your toes, look no further and check out Kult of Taurus.

Band: Kult of Taurus Album: Divination Labyrinths

Label: Forever Plagued Records

Release: October 25th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 82/100

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