Grnd_0 – Destroyer / Creator (2008)


“Destroyer / Creator” begins like any other Death Metal release, but after the first song you start to realize that this is not your average release. Grnd_0 have several elements in their sound that sets them apart from many Death Metal bands. I hear some resemblance to Nevermore’s music when I listen to “Destroyer / Creator” but other than that, this band blends many elements very well together.

All 12 songs of this release are very interesting and provide a very unique blend of Death Metal with melody, but not enough melody to consider this band as a Melodic Death Metal outfit. Whatever the genre this band belongs, it also belongs into my category of fresh sounding bands.

The riffs in every song are very catchy (as any DM release should be) and the changes in between the songs are what makes each song a different listening experience. Unlike many Death Metal releases, I find this album to be less tedious and not too repetitive. This is what I think grabbed my attention about Grnd_0, the diversity of riffs and song structures within “Destroyer / Creator”

One thing that I must say is that the vocals are pretty standard Death Metal growls, but I don’t know why after a while they kind of get annoying, but that is just me, since other people might find that this is not a problem at all.

While this album is very solid, don’t expect a virtuoso powered Melodic DM album, but rather a down to earth, well composed and truly fresh regular DM release with some very good melodic parts. This is a quality release that I would definitely would spend my money on.

Band: Grnd_0 Album: Destroyer / Creator
Label: 297 Productions

Release: 2008

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 86/100

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