Dakrya – Monumento (2008)


Dakrya is a Greek band that packs a lot of punch in a small package. And by this I mean that their sound is very varied and dynamic. “Monumento” is a very rich release that features a band that has many musical influences. Listeners will never be bored by this release since every song is a bit different from each other.

The band labels themselves as Theatrical Gothic Metal and this definition is quite accurate. The band’s vocal arrangements sound like dialogs, and the piano parts provide the perfect theatrical feeling that the band is trying to achieve with this release. Other bands have tried to achieve this theatrical style to no success, but Dakrya manages to get closer than other bands.

The female vocals are pretty standard for a Gothic Metal release, with some great moments achieved in conjunction with the music. The male vocals are pretty decent through out the whole album, but they are very linear and don’t change much. The element that caries this album is the synth / keyboards that create the atmosphere for this album.

The guitar work and the drumming are pretty good and provide the perfect tempo changes that are present during this album. The music overall is very well composed and the songs keep the listener engaged and waiting for the next song.

Dakyra is a pretty solid band, and “Monumento” is a very nice release that will surely please Gothic Metal fans. The band style while not greatly original still provides a fresh sounding album that many people will enjoy.

Band: Dakrya Album: Monumento
Label: 279 Productions

Release: 2008

Official Site myspace
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 85/100

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