Australasia – Vertebra (2013)


After a half-baked debut album “Sin4tr4” in 2012, Australasia returns with the very strong “Vertebra”. Combining dreamy soundscapes with ethereal guitars and solid drumming, this one-man outfit delivers 35 minutes of majestic music that fully explore Australasia’s potential in a more cohesive way.

Opening with the Post-Rock-ish “Aorta”, the band shows more solid songwriting skills and delivers very improved songs (when comparing to their debut release). The guitars are perfectly layered and with certain Shoegaze elements we are left with ton of highlights during the release. The experimentation with certain synth elements like the opening of “Vostok”, really give the music new avenues to explore and be unique, similar to bands like Closed Room. We particularly love the heavy Doom-influenced riffs on this track.

Fully exploring the use of synths and angelic vocal elements, tracks like “Zero”, “Aura”, and “Apnea”  really get into your hear and stick there for days. Other more straightforward pieces like “Antenna”, “Volume”, “Vertebra”, and “Deficit” elevate the band’s status to atmospheric greats like Godspeed Your Black Emperor, Mogwai, and God Is An Astronaut.

The album closes with a 7-minute sidereal journey titled “Cinema”. As the name mentions it, this track has a very cinematic sound to it and fully immerses the listener into the band’s world. As a whole “Vertebra” is quite a considerable improvement over the band’s debut release. With more coherent ideas and better structured elements, the songs in this release are quite magical and deserve to be heard. If you like Post-Rock / Ambient / Shoegaze, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Band: Australasia Album: Vertebra

Label: Immortal Frost Productions

Release: September 30th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Shoegaze / Post-Rock

Country: Italy

Rating: 88/100

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