Tides From Nebula – Eternal Movement (2013)


Ever since catchy Tides From Nebula at the WGT in 2011 we have been amazed by their cinematic Post-Rock/Instrumental Rock music. In “Eternal Movement”, the band’s third album, they keep delivering lush atmospheric and emotional songs that transport the listener to beautifully crafted soundscapes fit for the soundtrack of an indie mute film. Greatly maturing since “Aura” and “Earthshine”, this is one release that elevates the band’s sound to new heights.

Opening with the emotive “Laughter of Gods”, the band’s lush layered guitars and atmospheric elements greatly set the tone for an excellent journey. Filled with amazing tempo and mood changes, tracks like “Only With Presence” and “Satori” elevate the listener’s spirit with a wide palette of aurally pleasing sounds. The band’s strength lies in being able to build up from dark and moody passages into full-on smile inducing happier moments, a perfect example of this is the rich “Emptiness of Yours and Me”.

Upbeat tracks like “Hollow Lights” provide a nice change in the flow of the album, and greatly showcase the excellent guitar work the band crafts through this release. Similar to fellow countrymen Lebowski, Tides From Nebula has a magical touch to create very simple and yet powerful atmospheric pieces that slowly build up and deliver rollercoaster rides like on “Now Run”. Our favorite track in this release is the 9-minute closer “Up From Eden”, a very nicely developed piece that sums the whole aural experience the band delivers in their music.

As a whole, “Eternal Movement” is another brilliant atmospheric release from this Polish band. Tides From Nebula is a name that people immediately associate with a lush and magical experience, and the band does not let down with this more mature release. Perfectly executed, brilliantly engineered and mixed, this is one hell of a release that commands immediate attention.

Band: Tides From Nebula Album: Eternal Movement

Label: Long Branch Records / SPV

Release: November 5th, 2013

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Genre: Post-Rock / Instrumental Rock

Country: Poland

Rating: 90/100

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