Stream of Passion – The Flame Within (2009)


Several years have passed since Stream Of Passion took the gothic metal by surprise. This year they return with a new lineup and a very mature release that will be competing for Gothic Metal album of the year with the likes of Delain and others. Marcela Bovio Davy Mickers, and Johan van Stratum are the only remaining original members and they managed to maintain the band’s sound, while adding new influences of the new band members.

“The Flame Within” brings us 13 tracks of Gothic Metal at its best. I’ve been a fan of Marcela’s vocals since her early days with Hydra and Elfonia. In this release she takes advantage of a great production behind this album to showcase her talents. The vocals in this album makes this release one of the best of 2009, however, the music is also very good.

Finding replacements for the original band line-up was probably very hard to do, considering Arjen Anthony Lucassen was the guitar player of the band. SoP did a great job casting the current band members that are taking the band to a more mature and well defined musical sound. While the guitars are not as bombastic as before, they are pretty solid and provide the music with the right sound.

The drumming provides the perfect basis for SoP’s music to come together and shine. The keyboard playing is amazingly similar to Alejandro Millan’s style, even with the piano sections within songs. Overall the music quality is of the highest standards and the whole album production highlights every single detail to perfection.

“The Flame Within” is a different step from “Embrace The Storm” and it will probably take fans a few listens before it can be understood. But SoP delivers a very strong release that can be consider one of the best Gothic Metal releases of the year. If you where wondering how will the band continue without Arjen Lucassen, you can rest assure the band is back on top of their game.

Band: Stream Of Passion Album: The Flame Within
Label: Napalm Records

Release: June 2, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 92/100

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