Glittertind – Landkjenning (2009)


Six years have passed since Glittertind released their last full length. After a re-release of their first 2 full lengths on their new label, Napalm Records, they bring us “Landkjenning”. This album opens starts like a traditional Viking/Folk metal release, a very decent one I might add, but as people know if they heard their album “Evige Åsatro” they mix some punk elements in their music.

While I have to give it to the band for trying something different, I must say that the two genres don’t mix well together. I’m not saying it sounds terrible and you should stay away, I actually encourage people to listen to it and make their own opinion, but for me it just sounds weird.
Leaving the punk influences aside, the album is pretty solid providing us with very good Viking/Folk metal songs and the overall atmosphere of the album is up to par with any other good release of the genre. Even though the album is pretty short in length is not a bad release.

One problem I can find with this release is that it’s too plain besides the punk influences. I assume the band relies on the punk aspect to separate them from the pack, and while this might be true, if you don’t like those songs then you are left with a ‘plain’ Viking/Folk album that features good songs, but nothing new or innovative.

I liked this album to some extent, but I can’t say that is something brilliant. However If you like Viking/Folk metal and want to try something different I can recommend this album for you. As for the punk influences, if you like punk and metal, then I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this album.

Band: Glittertind Album: Landkjenning
Label: Napalm Records

Release: June 2, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Folk Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 70/100

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