Frozen Ocean – Likegyldig Raseri (2011)


As a release dedicated to Ildjarn, “Likegyldig Raseri” is a very raw and direct release by Frozen Ocean. While we are fans of the band’s Ambient Black Metal and Ambient/Drone escapades, we can’t say that we really got into this one. Featuring almost no atmospheric elements, this release focuses on barbaric riffing, hellish vocals, and ponding drums, something perfect for your average Black Metal fan, but from this band/project, we expected a lot more.

While not bad at all, from tracks I to VIII we only get skull crushing sawing guitars and demonic shrieks of pain, something that many would call paradise. We find these tracks a bit linear since the riffing gets to be quite repetitive, but for what it is, it is actually not that bad for the standard in the scene. It is not until IX that we get a torturous break with some creepy atmosphere and some nerve wrecking vocals.

As the release comes to a close, tracks X to XIII deliver more neck-breaking BM that we are sure plenty of people will love and worship. As a ‘tribute’ to Ildjarn, we can’t think of how this would have fit the the Ildjarn/ Nidhogg releases, since they were mostly ambient and completely Frozen Ocean’s style…. from other albums. We are sure that many people will find this release amusing, but for us, we will just consider it as a blip in the band’s very diverse and interesting career.

Band: Frozen Ocean Album: Likegyldig Raseri

Label: Deleting Souls Records

Release: July 29th, 2011

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 80/100

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