Týr – Valkyrja (2013)


Delivering their first album on their new label, Metal Blade Records, Faroese Metalheads Týr keep improving on their signature sound with “Valkyrja”. Featuring 13 tracks of super catchy Progressive Viking/Pagan Metal, the band shows no signs of resting in their laurels and manages to build on their legacy with a near perfect release that will captivate all fans of the band. For over 59 minutes, the listener will be treated to Týr’s signature riffing and the charismatic singing of Heri Joensen.

Opening with the strong “Blood Of Heroes” we get the traditional Týr riffing onslaught provided by Heri Joensen and Terji Skibenæs. With more epic vocal melodies and catchy arrangements, “Mare of My Night” comes out to be one of the standout tracks in this release thanks to that headbanging/chanting alongside vibe the song features. Things get more melancholic with the lush female vocals of guest Liv Kristine on “The Lay of Our Love”. In this track the band shows a different side to them, delivering a mellow track with excellent guitars and very tight drumming.

On “Valkyrja” the band features Nile’s drummer, George Kollias as a session musician, keeping the band’s intricate drumming intact. As “Nation” and “Another Fallen Brother” roll, the band keeps that magical epic vibe to their sound intact and make us want to march into battle listening to these excellent tracks. The band’s excellent mixture of progressive elements with Viking/Folk/Pagan inspired themes creates a very cohesive sound and you can immediately tell that from tracks like “Into the Sky” and “Fánar Burtur Brandaljóð”.

The Heavy Metal edge of Týr’s sound is quite present in skillful tracks like “Lady of the Slain” and “Where Eagles Dare” (Iron Maiden cover), where the guitars are quite straightforward and very powerful. Our favorite track in this release is the album title tune, “Valkyrja”, clocking in around 7:30 minutes, the band fully showcases all their strengths in this complex epic song. Closing the release with yet another cover: “Cemetery Gates”, the band channels their inner Pantera giving it the Týr treatment and further showcasing Heri’s versatile vocals.

Overall, Týr is one of those bands that have managed to craft a very unique and enjoyable style that they have been refining over the last few years. If you like their earlier music, you will undoubtedly love “Valkyrja”, if you are just stumbling into the band’s music for your first time, you will also truly enjoy their epic melodic style. This release shows just how much the band has worked for their sound over the years, and hopefully brings them waves of new fans so they can continue with their musical crusade.

Band: Týr Album: Valkyrja

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release: September 13th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Progressive Viking/Pagan Metal

Country: Faroe Islands

Rating: 91/100

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