Yass Waddah – Cities of the Red Night (2012)


Hailing from Italy, today we have Yass Waddah and their furious Black Metal EP titled “Cities of the Red Night”. In this five song offering we hear the band’s ruthless and rather traditional Black Metal, worthy musical effort available on their bandcamp page. For those of us that like uncompromising Black Metal that is fast and heavy, this is the perfect release since it has a very direct and live-sounding feeling to it.

The release blasts wide open with the crushing opener “Invocation”. Immediately the band reminded us of Singapore’s Impiety and their raw and direct sound. Filled with crushing riffs and pushing drums, this is quite an exciting opener. After another crushing song with “B-23”, things get more interesting with the playful “Transmigrants and Receptacles”. This track features a funky opener, but then it develops into full-blown chaos with imposing vocals and very cool rhythm sections.

With a pulsating bass-guitar line, “Moves and Checks and Slays” shows more of the band’s raw Black Metal power. Things get a bit funky with “Casbah”, after the first 90 seconds the track takes a turn for the weird. With a very odd solo and a cool atmosphere, this track might indicate what is in store for the future in terms of the band’s sound. We actually enjoyed this different track as something fresh in an otherwise straightforward release.

As a whole “Cities of the Red Night” is a cool little EP that showcases this quartet’s ability to craft solid BM tracks. If you like furious Black Metal, be sure to give Yass Waddah a try and check out this very solid release on their bandcamp page, and if you like it, might as well buy a copy of it.

Band: Yass Waddah Album: Cities of the Red Night

Label: Unsigned

Release: December 12th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 86/100

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