Children of Madness – Howl from Beyond (2013)


Arriving from Finland, today we have a very lively EP titled “Howl from Beyond” from the band Children of Madness. In this four song release, this up and coming band showcase their very interesting blend of melodic guitar-driven Metal that features Heavy Metal-like soaring vocals and playful keyboards. For a short release, all the songs will stay in your head for quite a while due to their super catchy nature.

Opening very strongly with “Phoenix Rising”, the band sets a very melodic and epic mood with their excellent riffing and soaring vocals. We like that the vocals are quite natural and don’t sound over the top for the music the band presents. There are some killer solos in this song that greatly enhance the overall experience. As the album title track makes it way, the band steps it up a notch and delivers a hard-hitting catchy tune. The riffing again stands out, and it is nicely complemented by the atmospheric keyboards the band gives a darker vibe to this track.

With a groovy psychedelic vibe, “Daughter of Sunrise” is our favorite track in this release. The hard rocking guitars and the cool solo work make this song very entertaining and diverse. It also has a very different vibe from the first two songs, while maintaining the band’s musical identity. Closing with high spirits, “World on Fire” nicely rounds up this very engaging release. The riffing again takes center stage and makes the song 100 times more enjoyable than anything your average could produce.

Overall, “Howl from Beyond” is quite a powerful first impression from Children of Madness. If the band can deliver such catchy and well-crafted music on their first release, there is no telling what they can achieve as they grow together as a unit. If you are looking for catchy and well-constructed melodic music with Heavy Metal undertones, look no further and pick up a copy of this release or stream it through the band’s soundcloud page.

Band: Children of Madness Album: Howl from Beyond

Label: Unsigned

Release: 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Melodic/Heavy Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 88/100

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