Petrychor / Frozen Ocean – Autumn Bridges (2013)


Having released over 10 releases in the last two and a half years, the creativity keeps flowing for Russian’s one-man band Frozen Ocean. In this split with Petrychor, another excellent one-man project from the States, we get three powerful tracks of highly Atmospheric Black Metal that will surely make you want to find more material from each band and start enjoying their excellently crafted music.

Opening with Petrychor’s “Tomorrow It Will Rain Over Bouville”, Tad Piecka treats us to a 133-minute piece of brilliant crafting that is both highly emotional and very powerful. Starting with a lush and slow intro section, the song quickly builds up to very melodic and straightforward Black Metal with a very dreamy atmospheric backdrop. The sharp vocals are excellent and provide an excellent contrast to the very mellow and melancholic feeling of the music. This track is anything but predictable and some of the acoustic/post-rockish passages are perfectly blended into the harsher and more brutal sections.

Showing a different side of his music, Vaarwel, delivers the first Frozen Ocean track, “To Drown in Hoary Grass”, with a slight Post-Rockish vibe and a dreamy shoegazing guitars. The clean vocals are a nice touch, but the contrast of the harsh growls is what really makes this fuzzy and ethereal track work even better. The band’s endless creativity is clearly showing a great deal of evolution and progress, being that this split release is the latest material that the band has put out. The instrumental “Autumn Bridge” follows a similar path of dark and melancholic Rock music, very similar the short lived As Divine Grace and their very emotional music.

Overall, the Petrychor track is indeed a force to be reckoned with, but the most surprising element of this limited release (300 copies) is the emotional depressive rock/post-rock stuff presented by Frozen Ocean. Since we are huge fans of bands like Grey Waters, Austere, etc., we completely love how diverse and very powerful this short but sweet EP is. If you are a fan of highly creative and emotional music, look no further and pick up a copy of this excellent release.

Band: Petrychor / Frozen Ocean Album: Autumn Bridges

Label: Wolfsgrimm Records

Release: May 13th, 2013

Oficial Site / Oficial Site myspace / myspace

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Post-Black Metal

Country: USA / Russia

Rating: 91/100

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