Sadgiqacea - False Prism (2013)


With everybody and their mothers playing Doom/Sludge Metal it is getting quite annoying to weed out the bad releases from the good ones without investing too much time in it. Luckily for us, Sadgiqacea made it very easy since the first song of their debut release “False Prism” is pretty epic and quite unique from your average band in the genre. Hailing from the USA, this two-piece delivers four crushing tracks of powerful Doom/Sludge that will greatly appeal to fans of bands like Black Cobra all the way to Neurosis.

Opening with “False Segments”, the band pummels away with some very cool (and heavy) guitars that are above your average repetitive Doom/Sludge guitar work. The band’s knack for creative rhythms and excellent musical skills allows them to sound different while retaining the griminess of the genre. As the track nears its end, there are some very cool details that made us enjoy it even more.

“False Cross” dives into more a traditional approach at first, but it slowly transforms into a very epic Post-Metal experimental piece. Similar to what Neurosis has done in the past, but the way that Sadgiqacea handles the space they create in their music is quite different and enjoyable. Deceiving the listener with the opening seconds of “False Prism”, the band then erupts in a violent and resilient onslaught of fast riffs and even faster drumming. This song is by far the most intense in the release before it starts fizzling out on its second half.

Going back into the catchy and head banging infusing riffs, “True Darkness” again has the band returning to more traditional territories. However, don’t expect to hear the same riffs as before since on this song the band delivers their very unique twist on things and while everything songs familiar, they are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with intricate and very original riffs. The speed-up sections feel like going into a Black Metal song midway through, but the band perfectly weaves in and out of this mode, allowing the contrasts to perfectly flow together.

Overall, “False Prism” is an impressive debut-release by this excellent band. If you are looking for the traditional Doom/Sludge elements but are interested in that extra something that makes bands unique, this is one release you don’t want to miss. Sadgiqacea is a very unique and diverse band that should definitely get the attention of people thanks to their unique and intricate music. We can’t wait to hear the follow-up release now that the bar has been set very high.

Band: Sadgiqacea Album: False Prism

Label: Candlelight Records

Release: May 7th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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