Harakiri For The Sky – Harakiri For The Sky (2012)


Hailing from Austria, today we have two-man band Harakiri for the Sky and their self-titled curshing debut full-length release. Featuring over thirty minutes of music, this release nicely blends aggressive Black Metal with some melodic and Post-Rock elements to produce five high-quality songs. Being quite aggressive and direct, this release nicely stands out from the other bands that abuse dreamy guitars and effects to create atmosphere.

“Lungs Filled With Water” starts this release with commanding riffs and very powerful harsh vocals. The band’s core Black Metal influences are nicely offset by the melodic nature of the music and the overall pace. “AM, Phychosis” starts off a bit more Post-Rock-ish in nature, but it quickly develops into another epic Melodic Black Metal anthem. While a bit repetitive, this track is quite delightful thanks to its very cool melodic passages and excellent tempo changes.

Our favorite track in this release is the very catchy “From Yesterday To Ashes”, another fine example of how the band perfectly blends their harsh BM elements with melodic riffs and cool tempo changes. “Drown In My Nihilism” and “Dancing On Debris” nicely close this album with some dreamy passages and very well paced songs that progress perfectly. The band’s song writing abilities are quite good, and they got their unique signature sound down, but they need to add a bit more diversity into their songs to keep them more appealing.

Overall, we enjoyed all tracks in this release since they blend melody and powerful Black Metal passages. The drumming is quite excellent, and so are the rest of the instruments. Harakiri For The Sky clearly has quality and good ideas, but they need to add more dimensions to their sound to avoid being repetitive. This album has great songs but some of them drag a bit too long and they all sound a bit too similar. We can only home that the band keeps improving, thus making us eagerly await any future releases from them.

Band: Harakiri For The Sky Album: Harakiri For The Sky

Label: Art of Propaganda

Release: May 24th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Melodic Black Metal / Post-Rock

Country: Austria

Rating: 85/100

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