Asofy – Percezione (2013)


Hailing from Italy, today we have one-man project Asofy and their latest full-length “Percezione”. With a very bleak and somewhat minimalist sound, Asofy delivers four tracks of very emotional Black/Doom Metal with some Post-Black Metal elements. The music is quite direct and very well paced, enough to enchant any Doom or Suicidal Black Metal fan, very similar to the experimental stuff of Svarti Loghin.

On the first track, “Luminosita”, the Post-Black Metal influences nicely make this very melancholic song even more bleak and desolate. Tryfar handles all instruments and does a very good job with the guitars and bass guitar. The drums are programmed so they sound a bit fake in some points, but they are pretty decent compared to other releases. The pace of this song is quite slow and dabbles around some jazzy/doomy sections very nicely.

With “Saturazione”, Asofy progresses from very minimalistic sections that have a similar vibe to Lantlôs but keep the listener waiting since they take longer to culminate in heavier sections. Here we can also hear some more direct Black Metal influences tanks to commanding shrieks and faster paced sections. The best track in this release is the epic “ombra”. This song nicely weaves back and forth between lush and mysterious instrumental sections and piercing Black Metal brutality, we particularly loved the trippy/jazzy ending to it.

The longest track in this release is the very odd and quite experimental (compared to the previous ones) “oscurita”. This song generates a feeling of uneasiness and is quite strange for the first 6 minutes and then it nicely mellows out. In general, “Percezione” is quite an interesting and unconventional release that you will either completely love or totally hate. This Italian outfit does a great job in creating unique and sometimes odd tracks that are quite bleak and desolate. If you are a fan of Doom and Suicidal Black Metal, but are looking for something a bit different, look no further and get a copy of this awesome release.

Band: Asofy Album: Percezione

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: May 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Post-Black/Doom Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 89/100

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