Embersland – Sunrise (2013)


Arriving all the way from Spain, today we have the debut release of Embersland, a very interesting and unique band. In “Sunrise” the band mixes elements of Gothic Rock, Symphonic Metal, and even some growls are thrown into the mix to create a very different and enjoyable sound. Featuring almost 50 minutes of music, this self-released album is quite diverse and will constantly keep you guessing what is coming up next.

Opening with the epic “Why”, the band starts in very HIM-like manner with the deep male vocals. Growls and diverse backing vocals make this track (and album) quite tricky to pin down, and this is one of its best attributes. The keyboard arrangements are quite lush and the guitars quite powerful making for very engaging and enjoyable music. The band’s ability to switch between moods in a song is quite good, and the best example of this is the progression of the song “In Vain”.

Changing for a dark and moody tone in “Kidnapping” into more upbeat tracks like “Fight For My Dream” and “Memories” will keep this listener always guessing while still delivering a very cohesive and characteristic sound. The band’s combination of many different elements makes them quite intriguing and worthwhile to listen to. Sounding even like Therion (on “Memories), the band’s chameleon-like music is the best thing of “Sunrise”.

As the album progresses, we start listening to more Power Metal-esque elements appearing together in tracks like “It’s Not The Way” and “When”, adding to the bands already very dynamic sound. Our favorite track is the majestic “Sunrise (Part 1)”, an 8-minute piece that switches back and forth between melancholic to epic in a very proficient way. Special Guest Carlos Torregrosa delivers a very powerful vocal performance that brings this song to new heights.

Overall, “Sunrise” is an excellent release of a very promising young band. The band’s music is quite diverse and this might deter some people from listening to them, but once you get into the groove of their sound, you will immediately become a fan. Embersland did one hell of a job with this release and you should pick it up if you like hard rocking music with excellent vocal arrangements and diverse music.

Band: Embersland Album: Sunrise

Label: Self-Released

Release: February 24th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 89/100

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