Atrocity – Okkult (2013)


Always known for pushing the boundaries of Metal with their quite unique musical vision and extremely unexpected releases, Atrocity this time delivers a very direct and quite ‘traditional’ release that might puzzle some people. Getting slammed by the press for releases like “Werk 80” and “Calling The Rain”, the band sticks to a more traditional approach on “Okkult”. For 12 tracks, this German outfit delivers enjoyable tracks that will surely get the attention of older Atrocity fans and fans of Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal from the early 2000’s.

Opening with the Therion/Cradle of Filth-esque “Pandaemonium”, the band seems to be on track for a very direct and powerful release. The choir arrangements are quite chilling and they are greatly countered by Alexander Krull’s powerful growls. “Death By Metal” takes us back to the earlier days of Death Metal with crushing riffs and crazy solos, a great contrast from the first and following tracks, but solid nonetheless. The symphonic arrangements come back on songs like “March Of The Undying” and “Murder Blood Assassination”, both very catchy and effective tracks.

The super catchy melodic riffing of “Haunted By Demons” reminds us of bands like On Thorns I Lay and similar outfits from the early days of Melodic/Symphonic DM. After tracks with excellent atmospheric elements like “Necromancy Divine” and “Satans Braut”, it is quite interesting how Atrocity changed back to direct old-school Death Metal with the powerful “Massaya (Boca Del Infierno)”. Our favorite track of this release has to be the super cool “When Empires Fall To Dust” and it’s funky guitar work surrounded by excellent vocal arrangements.

Before closing this release, the band delivers a very inspired 8 minute epic with the name of “La Vosine”. While very entertaining, this song provides a very fitting end to an interesting release. If you are a fan of the band and you are expecting something totally crazy, “Okkult” will not be for you. However, if you like the band’s Death Metal roots and melodic abilities, then this is one album you do not want to miss.

Band: Atrocity Album: Okkult
Label: Napalm Records

Release: May 7th, 2013 (USA)

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 86/100

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