Purson – The Circle and the Blue Door (2013)


Greatly diversifying their roster, Metal Blade has picked up for distribution in the US UK-based underground sensation Purson and their latest release “The Circle and the Blue Door”. Lead by singer/guitarist Rosalie Cunningham, this band has nailed the retro/psychedelic Rock vibe from the 60’s/70’s to perfection with their very authentic sound that will surely gather them international recognition.

Opening this release with the solemn “Wake Up Sleepy Head” and “The Contract”, the band immediately transports the listener to earlier times of free love and enigmatic music of the 60’s. The band’s authentic sound featuring instruments like the Mellotron and the Wurlitzer is greatly enhanced by Rosalie’s sultry vocals and excellent guitar skills. If you played this band for anybody into the music from those days, we are sure they would not be able to tell if it was a recent or an older band.

The first standout track of this release is the totally eerie “Spiderwood Farm”, a song that has that old-school horror movie vibe thanks to some creepy arrangements and equally haunting vocals. On a darker tone, the depressing “Sailor’s Wife’s Lament” has a very approachable tempo and a quite hypnotic nature. With playful song titles like “Leaning on a Bear”, one might wonder what kind of good stuff is the band smoking when they come up with them. Reminding us a bit of the folk-ish side of Kari Rueslåtten, “Tempest and the Tide” makes up for a very solid momentum shifting track in this release.

Returning to the playful psychedelic brilliant of Purson’s sound, “Mavericks and Mystics”, “Well Spoiled Machin”, and “Sapphire Ward” are very playful and enjoyable tracks that show just how much the band can vary their musical elements while still retaining their core identity. Our favorite track in this release is the melancholic closer, “Tragic Catastrophe”, which ends this release on a very relaxing and enigmatic way. We particularly love the very nicely crafted bass guitar of Barnaby Maddick and the solid drumming of Jack Hobb help create this very mellow atmosphere.

In general, Purson is a great band with very skilled musicians in its ranks that greatly pull-off a very authentic and powerful vibe. The band has the same mission of bands like Astra, Kadavar, , Jess and the Ancient Ones, etc. of bringing back the golden age of the genre 40 years after its prime. If you are into retro-psychedelic stuff, look no further and pick-up a copy of “The Circle and the Blue Door” and be ready for one of the most enjoyable times you will ever have listening to trippy music.

Band: Purson Album: The Circle and the Blue Door
Label: Metal Blade (US)

Release: April 30th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Country: UK

Rating: 90/100

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