Frozen Ocean – A Perfect Solitude (2012)


Hailing from Russia, today we have one-man band/project Frozen Ocean presenting his 2012 full-length release titled “A Perfect Solitude”. Handling all the instruments and drum programming, Vaarwel manages to craft a very powerful and atmospheric release that showcases his excellent songwriting skills. Featuring seven tracks and nearly 45 minutes of chilling music, this release delivers a hefty amount of bleak soundscapes that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

The bleak intro “Broken Window” sets a very mysterious and moody atmosphere that is very unnerving in nature. As the raining sounds bleed into “Somewhere Clouds Debark”, the mood keeps being very eerie and ethereal. The powerful distorted guitars elevate this track while maintaining the chilling atmosphere created. The vocals are very interesting since they are quite lush and greatly enhance the atmosphere, reminding us a bit of bands like Falkenbach and Thyrfing.

The monumental “A Sunflower On The Prison Backyard” has a Drone edge to it, creating a very dense atmosphere that is quite minimalistic. Once the Doom-ish guitars kick in, one would expect that things get a bit more hectic, but Frozen Ocean keeps the pace in check and never fully explodes leaving the listener hanging (in a good way!). On a lighter note, “Mare Imbrium” opens with more slow Drone influences, but it fully evolves into a very ethereal song that reminds us a bit of bands like An Autumn For Crippled Children.

After the cavernous “Camomiles”, the Viking/Pagan Metal inspired “Unavailing Steps On Perpetual” changes the mood of the album once more to a livelier setting. “Cleavage And Emission” ends the release with a more interesting and modern set of sounds samples the add to the overall experience by creating a very chaotic ending.

Presented in a lush digipack with an excellent album art, “A Perfect Solitude” is one of those releases that are so rich and diverse that needs more than a few spins to fully get all the details of it. Frozen Ocean shows that their style is a very unique and odd blend of genres that works very well to create highly atmospheric releases such as this one. If you are into experimental music with solid atmospheric elements, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Band: Frozen Ocean Album: A Perfect Solitude
Label: Wolfsgrimm Records

Release: August 9th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Ambient / Doom / Drone / Pagan Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 89/100

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