Sagntid – Where the Black Dogs Cease To Bark (2009)


One-man Danish Dark Ambient project Sagntid brings forth their 2-song demo/promo from back in 2009. In this highly haunting and minimalist release, Sagntid delivers excellent Ambient music that will send chills through your spine the moment the album starts warming up. With a very minimalistic approach, this is the kind of stuff you want to play on a long winter night.

The first track in this release is a nearly 19 minute exploration into darkness. Filled with great atmospheric passages, Sagntid paints lush landscapes with very few elements creating a bleak and desolate feeling. We particularly love how musicians from Scandinavia can perfectly express their vast and desolate landscapes of their northern territories through music and this song is the perfect example of this.

Closing with a five minute track, things get a bit weirder with some creepy vocals and some nice ‘laser’ effects that create quite a weird and unique atmosphere. We quite enjoyed this short track since it provides an interesting contrast in comparison to the first one while retaining the seriousness and bleak atmospheric nature of these songs.

Overall, “Where the Black Dogs Cease To Bark” is quite an interesting release with an every weirder title. We like the work of the man behind Sagntid, in particular his other band Picture Ann. So if you like atmospheric and creepy Dark Ambient releases, this album is right up your alley.

Band: Sagntid Album: Where the Black Dogs Cease To Bark
Label: Self-Released

Release: 2009

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Dark Ambient

Country: Denmark

Rating: 83/100

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