Hod – The Uncreated (2013)


Packing in a lot of fire power in three songs, today we have Hod and their 2013 demo “The Uncreated”. Delivering relentless riffs, tight drumming, and hellish vocals, this band has what it takes to take you by surprise and command you to headbang from the beginning to the end of this nifty release.

Opening with the sheer power of “Beneath The Mountains of The Scorpions”, this nearly six minute long opus delivers high-octane energy and plenty of killer riffs, showcasing the band’s brutality and musical abilities. The vocals are quite entertaining and keep things fresh, but what hooks you is the massive drumming surrounding the catchy riffing. The band does a great job in keeping the song fresh and diverse by switching up tempos very graciously.

The short but sweet “I Am Destroyer” is a continuation of the carnage, allowing the band to further expand the sheer brutality and speed of their sound. Closing with style, the epic “When The Ghouls Feed” intoxicates the listener with headbanging mania since the start. This track keeps the momentum flowing and shows that the band’s strength lies in their ability to quickly switch tempos and produce killer drum patterns.

If you like intense and fresh music, look no further and pick up a copy of “The Uncreated”. Hod is a band with a monster sound that is both brutal and very well crafted, something that is rare these days unless you are talking about Technical DM bands. We are looking forward to hear what is next from this excellent band so keep an eye out for their future releases.

Band: Hod Album: The Uncreated
Label: Self-Released

Release: April 15th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 86/100

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