Lustre – Lost In Lustrous Night Skies (2013)


One-man Atmospheric Black Metal force Lustre delivers their latest compilation of unreleased (or hard to find) tracks under the title of “Lost In Lustrous Night Skies”. Featuring five tracks inspired by Burzum’s atmospheric pieces, this release is quite a treat for hard-core Lustre fans and fans of Atmospheric and creepy Black Metal.

“Spirit” delivers the opening 12 minutes of very minimalistic and highly atmospheric bone chilling music. Very simple keyboards and atmospheric elements create a very dense and eerie atmosphere that is enhanced by distorted guitars and devastating screams of agony. A similar approach is taken on the disturbing instrumental “Echoes of Transcendence”. With “Into The Ancient Darkness” we have more of a Bruzum feeling that is combined with elements of bands like Austere and such. The screams are quite fitting for the purely atmospheric content of such a track.

Keeping the flow of the album, we have another excellent atmospheric piece with “Neath The Black Veil”. This track features very sparse screams and distorted guitars that seem to be added just to make the track different from the other since they don’t really add any extra purpose. This is by far the weakest track of this release. The short “Resplendency” closes this release with excellent wind sounds and simple keyboards that create a very relaxing and engaging atmosphere.

Overall, Lustre might not be at the top of their game in this release but it still features four solid tracks of brilliant atmospheric elements and chilling screams. If you are a hardcore fan of the band, better pick up this release in the limited edition vinyl. If you like atmospheric/ambient music, but still need some guitars here and there and disarming screams, be sure to check this compilation out.

Band: Lustre Album: Lost In Lustrous Night Skies
Label: ATMF/De Tenebrarum Principio

Release: February 26th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 85/100

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