Minutian – Repercussions (2011)


With a slight alternative rock edge to their sound, today we have Finland’s Minutian and their very entertaining release “Repercussions”. Delivering seven tracks of super catchy rock tunes with some Progressive Rock/Metal elements, the band showcases their knack for epic melodies and intricate passages arranged in a very approachable and engaging manner.

Opening with the playful “Hole”, the band sets a very light mood for this release. Mikko Heino does a great job delivering emotionally charged vocals on top of the very mellow music. The progressive touches are more present on “In Circles”, a track that reminds us of a more Rock version of King Crimson with very dreamy melodic passages. Things get a bit heavier with “Cold & Tight” one of the best tracks in this release thanks to its very intricate instrumental passages.

The dreamy “Give In” nicely changes the flow of the album to a more ethereal and trippy note. We particularly enjoy how the band can play with the listener’s emotions by switching from more ‘aggressive’ tracks to brilliant mellow ones. “Undone” comes back at us with the more Proggy / Alternative rock side of the band, delivering soaring vocal sections and powerful riffs. As the most complete song in this release, “Isolation” delivers almost nine minutes of brilliant percussions, heavy riffing and a very solid vocal performance.

Overall, “Repercussions” features seven very unique tracks that combine influences of bands like Tool with progressive elements of King Crimson, etc. If you like very diverse and emotional music, definitely checkout this excellent release by Minutian, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. While the album is available to be streamed from the band’s site, we recommend you get the very professional digipack version of this release to add to your collection.

Band: Minutian Album: Repercussions
Label: Self-Released

Release: February 1st, 2011

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 88/100

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