The Fall of Every Season – Amends (2013)


Six years have passed since multi-instrumentalist Marius Strand released “From Below”, the debut full-length of his project solo-project The Fall of Every Season. Fast-forward to 2013 and we have him unleashing another masterpiece of extreme melancholic proportions with “Amends”. Featuring five tracks and 53 minutes of hope-crushing Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal, this is one of the best releases that we have ever heard in this genre.

Opening with the extremely painful “Sole Passenger”, this release features powerful Doom riffs surrounded by deep growls and superb clean vocals. The atmosphere in this track is amazing and is greatly enhanced by the depressive solos and top-notch vocal layering. “A Portrayal” delivers a solemn acoustic instrumental interlude that greatly enhances the mood and keeps things very mellow.

“The Mammoth” keeps things very mellow in a style very similar to Katatonia’s latest work. This track also features very well timed acoustic slowdowns followed by heavy Doomy riffs and brutal growls. Oozing desolation and emotions, “Aurelia” is our favorite track in this release thanks to its dreamy vibe and contrasting aggressive sections. Closing the release in a very traditional Doom fashion, “Come waves” is another perfect example of Marius ability to craft engaging songs that are over 10 minutes long and yet never feel repetitive. This track comes in a close second place in terms of the best of the album.

Overall, The Fall of Every Season delivers a very emotional and highly depressive release. “Amends” has everything a Death/Doom fan loves, but with a hefty dosage of melancholic atmospheric elements that make the music more bleak and desolate. If you are a fan of bands like Forest of Shadows, Saturnus, and Shape of Despair, you will certainly love this release.

Band: The Fall of Every Season Album: Amends
Label: Grau Records

Release: February 22nd, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 91/100

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