Spektr – Cypher (2013)


Delivering the first real stinker of the year, today we have Spektr and their latest release “Cypher”. In this nine track waste of time, the band attempts to be very experimental and avant-garde with some shitty Black Metal lined up with Drone and Industrial elements and a production that will make you want to pierce your ear drums, making effectively the most extreme POS we have heard in quite a while.

The album opens with a boring Drone-like piece titled “Hermetism”, then they deliver the first ‘BM’ dose of the night with the totally horrible sounding “Teratology”. In this track and the next (“The Singularity”), we get to ‘enjoy’ craptastic BM riffing with even more horrible drumming all distorted by some weird studio magic effects that make it sound more kvlt and evil according to the band. While some people might enjoy getting their ears raped by some horrible sounds, we are not too keen to make our pets convulse by listening to this.

Pretty much the rest of the album revolves around having two tracks of horrible noise and then an even worse ‘atmospheric’ Drone-ish short song. This formula gets very tired after the first few songs and by the end of this release we wanted to vomit from the nausea inducing noises made by the band. Not even some of the fast-paced BM sections can make up for the horrible ‘effects’ added to the music that render it unlistenable.

If you like music that is not really music and is more like disorganized aural chaos, then “Cypher” is an album you will cream your pants for. However, if you like structure and a traditional sounding production, then stay away from this horrible stinker since it will destroy your hearing in a couple of spins and it will send you convulsing to the floor.

Band: Spektr Album: Cypher
Label: Agonia Records

Release: February 19th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Industrial/Experimental Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 45/100

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