Cardiac Necropsy - Shayateen (2012)


Making its way from Singapore, today we have Cardiac Necropsy and their killer second full-length release “Shayateen”. Delivering 11 tracks of neck breaking Death Metal, this band features a crushing Death Metal sound that is very well developed and creates very groovy tracks. With a stellar production, this release is one of the best DM albums we have received from unsigned bands.

After the typical intro, the band blasts away with “Abaddon Earth”, a very powerful and engaging track. The growls are pretty solid, but the catchy riffing is what makes this song quite appealing. Moving forward with “Doomsday Architect”, we can hear the excellent drumming perfectly carry this groove-infused song. With tons of tempo changes and intricate guitar work, the band carves their own sound very creatively while staying true to the genre.

Infusing their sound with some minor Grind elements (vocals in particular) and other Black/Death influences, this release is far from being you average DM release due to its excellent quality. A perfect example of this quality is the excellent track “Azazel (The Personification Of Impurity)” and its relentless approach. Other songs showoff the band’s musical skills like the super tight drumming of “Invoke Blasphemy” and catchy guitar sections.

Our favorite song in this release is the devastating “Reign of Ad-Daijal”, a track that shows a song that shows some crafty melodic undertones piled with chugging riffs and brutal vocals. The middle eastern influences on the opening of “Seventh” got us excited about the band possible exploring them more, but they only remained in the intro, we can only hope they use them more in the future.

In general, “Shayateen” is a very solid release that showcases a talented band making their way through the seas of uninspired DM releases. If you are a fan of the genre, this album is a must in your collection due to the excellent headbanging potential it carries.

Band: Cardiac Necropsy Album: Shayateen
Label: Self-Released

Release: October 28th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Death Metal with some Technical DM elements

Country: Singapore

Rating: 88/100

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