Silent Wings – Revolution Unfolding (2012)


Just as we got our entire facts ready for this review, we found out that the band has parted ways with a member and that this release will probably never see the light of day… commercially that is. That aside, today we have Silent Wings and an extremely awesome Symphonic Metal EP release titled “Revolution Unfolding”. Lead by the beautiful vocals of Rhea Gawlicka, this band shows unlimited potential with eight excellent compositions that are very bombastic and melodic in nature.

Similar to Within Temptation, After Forever, etc., this band is not claiming to be revolutionary or anything, they just play one mean Symphonic Metal that can compete with any of the previously mentioned bands. After a very epic intro, “Nobody’s Savior” reminds us a bit of Serenity (sans the male vocals) and its very epic and melancholic atmosphere. Marta’s vocals are just outstanding since they are firm and very beautiful, making her one of the best female vocalists for this kind of music. Further evidence of this is can be found in the very dramatic “Into the Void”, one of our favorite tracks in this release, the same can be said about the powerful ballad “Out of Hell”.

Lush symphonic tracks like “Into The Void” really showcase the bands composition skills and great ability to craft excellent melodies. The orchestration in this release is amazing and very similar to big-budget productions from bands like Epica, but for a self-released album it is something incredible. We know that computers can do magic these days, but it takes skilled musicians to create solid melodic foundations before putting all the bells and whistles on top of them.

Reminding us a bit of Visions of Atlantis and their latest releases, “Hic et Nunc” combines the orchestrations with heavy guitars and creates a very powerful track that nicely provides a change in the albums flow and relies less on the bombastic side of things and more on solid vocal layering and excellent guitar work. Our favorite track is the moving “The Sundering” and its excellent vocal arrangements.

Ending on a high note, “Revolution Unfolding” rounds up the album with one last dose of epic orchestrations and lush choral arrangements. As we have stated before, it is a shame that the band will not release this album anything soon since it must be heard by fans of the genre. So we can only urge lovers of Symphonic/Gothic Metal to stay tuned for any info on this excellent album and to see what else Silent Wings comes up with.

Band: Silent Wings Album: Revolution Unfolding
Label: Self-Released

Release: ??????

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Germany / Poland

Rating: 88/100

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