Tusmørke - Underjordisk Tusmørke (2012)


From Termo Records, the label that brought us one of 2011’s standout releases White Willow’s “Terminal Twilight”, today we have Tusmørke’s “Underjordisk Tusmørke”. In what it is probably one of the oddest releases we have every received at Infernal Masquerade, This album is undoubtedly beautiful, haunting, and plain weird (for us at least). This Norwegian Psychedelic/Progressive Folk Rock packs a mean punch in this nine song release, and it will surely rattle your eardrums considering how original their music is.

Opening with very high spirts with the track “Fimbul”, the band instantly reminded us of Dark Reality and their “Blossom Of Mourning” album but with a twisted psychedelic edge. The band brilliantly incorporates their folk elements into their dark Psychedelic Rock side, and creates a very unsettling but quite unique mix. The vocals are quite lush and greatly bring the folky vibe to life on the excellent songs “Watching the Moon Sail out of the East” and “The Quintessence of Elements”. With an uncanny old-school Psychedelic vibe, this release heavily relies on their unique atmospheric elements.

“A Young Man & His Woman” and “A Nightmare’s Just a Dream” are two super funky tracks with super catchy percussions and flute sections that really set them apart in this release. Tusmørke excels in creating mellow sections in the vibe of some of The Doors tracks, but with their own crazy folk elements and playful vocal melodies. With a darker mood “Hostjevndogn”, really closes down in a very mellow way the ‘regular’ tracks of the release. Up until here, “Underjordisk Tusmørke” has been quite unique release.

As bonus tracks, we have the jazzy “Salomonsens Hage” and the extra crazy “Singers & Swallows” that almost feels like a polka in some sections. These two extra songs really add to the value of this release, and also satisfied our craving of more music from Tusmørke. The album closes with the 17-minute track “Ode On Dawn” from the time when the band was originally called Les Fleurs de Mal. While having an inferior recording quality, this song provides a great insight into the band’s dark origins and shows the evolution the have achieved since then, moving away from more ‘typical’ Progressive Rock into their current deranged sound.

Overall, “Underjordisk Tusmørke” provides the listener with one hell of an unusual musical ride. The band’s ability to create a truly unique blend of Psychedelic/Progressive Folk Rock is just amazing. With each track they beautifully combine both Nordic Folk music influences with well-defined Rock structures producing magical sounds. If you like some retro stuff and don’t mind some folk thrown into the mix, or are curious to hear how it sounds, you should definitely get a copy of this amazing release.

Band: Tusmørke Album: Underjordisk Tusmørke
Label: Termo Records

Release: November 9th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Psychedelic Progressive Folk Rock

Country: Norway

Rating: 89/100

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