Sentence – Everywhere (2012)


Making its way from France, today we have Sentence and their very crafty Progressive Death Metal. In their first full-length release “Everywhere”, the band delivers 13-tracks of brilliantly crafted technical music in the vein of Death and Cynic, but with a modern air to them. We are quite pleased with this release since it is not that often when you get a band that claims to play like Death or Cynic and they can actually pull it off graciously.

After a warm-up intro, “Birth” delivers intricate guitar structures and deep growls. This track reminds us a bit of Obscura, but with a higher emphasis on the melodic side of things rather than playing millions of notes per song. The nice pace of this song allows the band to fully explore their technical abilities while sounding interesting and not overdone, something that Cynic does to perfection. In the powerful “Solitude”, the band has really warmed up and delivers a faster paced track that will blow you away with its very unique ending. Featuring a surprise element that never expected to listen in a song of this type, the band really set the bar high on this one.

Keeping the ball rolling with songs like “Everywhere of nowhere” and the ridiculously awesome “One Day” the band really showcases their magical drumming and very intricate bass guitar line. This last track borrows a bit some of the vocal effects of Cynic, but never sounds like a cheap copy or anything since the band makes them their own. The playful opening of “Eightfold Path” really sets the mood for a very funky and unique track that is quite enjoyable and odd at the same time. The same can be said for the magical “Opposition” and complicated guitar acrobatics.

The melancholic passages of “The Fall” make this one of our favorite songs in the release since they nicely change the pace of the song and further show the band’s creative ways of changing things up within the songs and take them in different directions. After more crushing songs, the album’s closer “Run Away” just summarizes how awesome the band is and the massive amounts of talent this band has while blending melodic passages and aggressive sections in excellent transition.

We are highly impressed with Sentence and their very exciting debut “Everywhere”. The band does a killer job in crafting very intricate songs that are quite engaging and diverse. There are obvious Death and Cynic worship moments, but they never sound copied or anything. We are quite excited to see what the band will come up with next. If you love Progressive Death Metal, or even Technical Death Metal, we are sure you will greatly appreciate this release, so head over to their site and pick-up your copy of this insanely awesome release.

Band: Sentence Album: Everywhere
Label: Self-Released

Release: December 15th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Progressive Technical Death Metal

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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