Transgresión – sangre y represión (2012)


Arriving today from Puerto Rico we have Transgresión and their two-song crushing demo “.de sangre y repression”. With a very old-school vibe, this band delivers around 10 minutes of no-bullshit Thrash Metal with some Speed influences and social commentary behind their lyrical approach. We love releases that manage to capture the sounds of the past while not being copies of any other bands.

This demo opens with the crushing “Guerra Civil” and its heavy riffing surrounded by a very old-school Sepultura vibe from the “Arise” era. The vocals are very traditional and surprisingly delivered by a female vocalist named Estrella Sola. While sounding a bit flat at times, they actually fit very well the overall vibe of the music and are greatly enhanced by the additional vocals of some of the male members of the band.

Opening with catchy guitar work and very tight drumming, “Cerdos de Azul” marks the second track of this brief demo. In this song the band’s social agenda comes forward using some clean vocals talking about citizen rights and stuff, but it is ultimately the powerful riffing that makes us really enjoy this song. The band’s dirty old-school sound is excellent and in this vibe we get some flash-backs to the better days of Thrash Metal, when it was about heavy sounding distorted guitars more than flashy production values.

In general, Transgresión is indeed a very solid band that shows a lot of promise in this demo. We can only hope the band keeps up the great work and soon enough delivers a full-length full with quality songs as the ones presented here. So head over to the band’s site and pick up a copy of this very good demo.

Band: Transgresión Album: sangre y represión
Label: Self-Released

Release: August 4th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal

Country: Puerto Rico

Rating: 84/100

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