Graveyard – Lights Out (2012)


Sweden’s psychedelic hard-rockers return with another intoxicating dosage of classic rock with trippy stoner elements that made them so good in their excellent “Hisingen Blues” release. With such a massive appeal, this band has been resonating in most indie musical circles and has reached success up to the level of getting a spot to play on Bonnaroo and opening for Motörhead in Europe. In this new release the band continues to rock out with very emotional and mellow songs that take the band closer to musical Nirvana.

Opening with the warm and fuzzy feeling of records from the 70’s, the band delivers instant classic “An Industry of Murder” and the funky “Slow Motion Countdown”. Both songs are filled with solid guitar work and very emotive vocals. The band also excels at bringing the mood a tad low just before lifting spirits with more intense tracks like “Seven Seven” and “Endless Night”. 

Personally, we prefer the deeper and mellower songs like “Hard Times Lovin’” and their unique mixture of psychedelic elements with some funkier rational Hard Rock foundations. This song in particular makes us think of the Doors and their unique way of crafting somber atmospheres. Closing this release with the darkest and most psychedelic track of this album (hence our favorite one) “20/20 (Tunnel Vision)”, we love the simple yet effective guitar melodies and the excellent vocal arrangements. This last song really gives you a very unique vibe full of mysticism that only a handful of bands like Witchcraft, Hexvessel and Sabbath Assembly manage to create.

Completely outdoing “Hisingen Blues” in every single aspect, “Lights Out” is another excellent release from Graveyard. The band seemingly effortless ability to create dark and catchy tunes is outstanding and with this new album they have their sound to a whole new level. If you are a fan of warm and fuzzy not artificial sounding psychedelic/hard Rock music, give this band a try and it might just be the best music thing to happen to you in quite a while.

Band: Graveyard Album: Lights Out
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: November 6th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Psychedelic/Hard Rock / Stoner Rock

Country: Sweden

Rating: 90/100

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