Show Your Face - Afraid (2012)


Nailing down three solid and very catchy tracks, today we have Show Your Face and their EP titled “Afraid”. Hailing from Greece, this band nicely combines Groove Metal with Core elements to create very engaging tunes that will appeal to a wide variety of people. With a somewhat unique sound, this band is a worthy representative of the recent Core-with everything movement.

Opening with the razor sharp “Afraid”, this track delivers a hefty dosage of powerful riffs that sometimes feel a bit Deathcore, but the band’s Thrash influences pulls them apart from sounding like another The Black Dahlia Murder clone band. The screams are very typical of Core-stuff releases, but the emphasis on catchiness really makes this song quite enjoyable.

“Born Dead Die Alive” keeps the momentum going with some very engaging riffing combines with brutal screams. The band’s musical approach while at times basic, it is quite effective since they can deliver the goods with solid guitar work and an intricate bass guitar line. Closing in a more melodic fashion with “I Sin”, the band has really shown us how wide their musical abilities can reach with each song being consistently different from the previous one.

Relying on very catchy riffs and an excellent eye for well-crafted tempo changes, this band shows a lot of promise with their simple yet effective music. Show Your Face is one of the freshest bands we have reviewed in quite a while and we highly recommend you to check out this very engaging release.

Band: Show Your Face Album: Afraid
Label: The Leaders Records

Release: November 15th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Groove Metal / Thrashcore

Country: Greece

Rating: 84/100

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