Catuvolcus – Gergovia (2012)


Perfectly mixing aggression and melody, today we have Canada’s Catuvolcus and their amazing latest release “Gergovia”. In this exciting album the band perfectly blends elements of Pagan/Folk Metal with Black Metal and delivers nine tracks of pure melodic chaos. After setting a Folky mood with “Elaver”, the band quickly gets down to business with the crushing “Par monts et par vaux”.

Filled with extremely aggressive vocals and blasting guitar riffs, this release has no shortage of epic moments that are just too many to mention. The drumming keeps things running smoothly, but it’s the sense of melody the band has that keeps the songs being different and extremely good. A clear example of this is the very uplifting “Le colline de Chanturge” and its lush intro followed by waves of powerful riffs. Reminding us of bands like Mythotin and Himinbjorg, Catuvolcus is one of the most intense and skilled bands we have listened to in a while.

Our favorite epic in this release is the 12-minute beast “Litavittos” and its constant tempo changes. Having found the perfect formula for switching things around with killer speed-ups, this track should be a text-book example for bands to come. The combination of very aggressive vocal with some clean sections is outstanding especially on tracks like “Impetus”.

We can keep praising all the excellent tracks in this release, but we think that you should be left with some more expectations for this release so we will stop here. “Gergovia” is indeed one of the best albums to arrive at Infernal Masquerade this 2012, so you can rest assured you will love this release. Highly recommended for fans of Amon Amarth, Mythotin, Thyrfing, etc. so point your browser to the band’s label and pick up a copy of this killer release.

Band: Catuvolcus Album: Gergovia
Label: Deathbound Records

Release: May 21st, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Folk/Pagan Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 90/100

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