Echoes of Yul – Cold Ground (2012)


Falling into the dreaded ‘what the fuck is this’ category, today we have Poland’s Echoes of Yul and their sophomore release “Cold Ground”. In this release we have a duo creating ‘very disturbing’ and dissonant music, but not in the right direction since this release point-blank: SUCKS. While there are tons of people wishing to get distribution of their music, it baffles us when bands like this one have a reputable label such as Avantgarde Music.

Starting with the dull atmospheric “Octagon”, this release has pretty much nothing really happening until you hit “Libra”, the ninth track out of thirteen. The band delivers short ramblings of incoherent sounds and some very sparse riffs with OK drumming (considering …. well, any other band). Making noise and stringing a few riffs together and having a creepy atmosphere does not really constitute making music in our book, but seems like this band has managed to make this even more annoying, kind of like having a monkey punching your balls every 10 seconds.

The only redeeming quality of Echoes of Yul is that they very nicely craft creepy atmospheres, but this is not enough when the rest of the music plain sucks. With a vibe similar to a deranged pysch ward in some weird hospital, there are some creepy voices surrounding this album like on the song “Chrome”, making it probably the ‘best’ track on this release. Is that auto-tune we hear on “Last”, we will give the band the benefit of the doubt and say it is a vocoder instead.

Some people might argue that this is art and sublime music, well…. to us this is just crap and complete chaos. PLEASE STAY AWAY from this huge turd of a release and get something solid and crushing like the latest Ufommamut album.

Band: Echoes of Yul Album: Cold Ground
Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: September 24th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Experimental / Ambient Doom Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 50/100

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