Neal Morse – Momentum (2012)


Progressive Rock genius Neal Morse is back with another masterpiece titled “Momentum”. Featuring Mike Portnoy and Randy George, this release is one hell of an album that no Progressive Rock fan can miss. Packed with six tracks that span nearly an hour of brilliant music, this release shows why Neal Morse is one of the best in the genre and that he still has the touch for creating fresh sounding music that will blow you away.

Opening with a very futuristic/space-ish vibe, “Momentum” gets down to business very fast with excellent melodic sections and very tight drumming. Neal’s vocals are excellent as always and very well arranged in this track. The guitar solos in this song are outstanding, showcasing Neal’s timeless ability to write and play excellent guitar sections in his music. “Thoughts Part 5” features a more playful nature with some very well crafted sections that showcase the excellent drumming of Mike Portnoy (as if we needed more proof) and very ethereal keyboard sections that set the mood very nicely, several guest appearances by Eric Gillette and Wil Morse greatly enhance this song as well.

In a more serious fashion, “Smoke and Mirrors” is a very beautiful track with emotive vocals and the perfect atmosphere. “Weathering Sky” and “Freak” are two solid tracks that only serve to prepare the listener with more guitar wizardry and ridiculously good drumming for the super epic track that closes this release. “World Without End” is a 33 minute, 6 ‘part’ epic that is in our opinion, one of the best Progressive Rock songs of all-time. Opening with a very cinematic feeling, we are reminded of the stuff that Neal did with Spock’s Beard fused with some Ayreon and Star One. Filled with emotions and constant changes, this is one of those songs that do not feel they are 30 minutes long, indicating how engaged you need to be to lose track of time. We will leave this track as a surprise to the listener to fully enjoy without any ‘spoilers’ from us, but trust us, it is EPIC.

Regardless about the lyrical content of Neal Morse’s songs, he constantly shows why he is one of the best Progressive Rock musicians of the world. With “Momentum” he delivers six fresh tracks that are as catchy and enjoyable as they are technically complex. Helped by Mike Portnoy and Randy George, “Momentum” is one fine release that any fan of the genre has to add to their collection, so go and get it now.

Band: Neal Morse Album: Momentum
Label: Radiant Records

Release: September 11th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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